Documentary exposing collusion in Northern Ireland strengthens case for independent investigation into British actions


Last night’s RTE documentary alleges that Prime Minister Thatcher knew, yet turned a blind eye, to widespread collusion with loyalist paramilitaries in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The UK Government must now accept that nothing less than an independent investigation is required into the numerous allegations of collusion.

Yasmine Ahmed, Director of Rights Watch UK, states:

“For years Whitehall officials have claimed that they were not aware, nor had reason to be aware, of the dirty war that was being carried out in their name in Northern Ireland. The Government has continually claimed this was the action of a few rouge individuals who were not directed or known to politicians in Whitehall.

This is a fallacy. Not only did the UK Government know that it was happening but indirectly sanctioned it. Rights Watch (UK) has long argued that there is clear evidence of state involvement in murders in Northern Ireland, and has supported those that have sought to expose it.

The Government must now accept that nothing but an independent investigation will be sufficient to ensure the families and victims have access to the truth and an adequate remedy. The lack of a public inquiry into the death of Patrick Finucane, and the failure by the police to investigate the Glennane Gang and Kingsmill cases show the inadequacy of the current investigatory system in cases where there is clear evidence of collusion. We must ensure that there is adequate accountability for the past so that these dirty tactics are never utilised again.”


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